What is a VPS/Virtual Server?

This is essentially 'The Cloud', in buzzword terms. VPS's (Virtual Private Servers) are the 'virtual equivalent' of a standard server: the OS (Operating System), and applications within, are executed in a single 'container', on any of our high-speed systems. The reason multiple systems are employed is for both load-balancing and redundancy: one high performance system can handle the load of several servers (containers), and a back-up system will immediately take over should a host system fail (this is called 'active failover'). This means your virtual server has 24x7 availability; it also means it can be upgraded at any time should its responsibilities grow. Virtualization also allows for small, refined servers to be created to perform very specific tasks. The net result is a highly efficient ecosystem with zero downtime and easy replication to meet demand.

VPS Overview

Generally speaking, we can configure a VPS to satisfy any customer need. In order to better define what that actually means, we describe a common set of VPS roles (see below). The final system configuration (e.g. memory, CPU cores, storage capacity, and OS/software configuration) is based on the level of performance and system responsibilities.

We are happy to deploy these configurations on a virtual hosting service of your choice, although we do recommend the hosting services described in our Hosting Section.

VPS Roles


The traditional server, typically running a recent Linux-based OS to reduce cost, and hosting services such as:

  • Mail
  • Database
  • Back-up
  • Web server
  • Watchdog/Uptime monitors


LBS (Location Based Services) and Mapping for mainstream, connected solutions. We typically integrate VPS's with OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, or ArcGIS. For sophisticated work such as routing for Electric Vehicles, high volume route generation, or development of custom iOS and Android applications, please contact our parent company: Ingeniose Corporation.

  • Moving map
  • Vehicle and pedestrian route planning
  • Geocaching/Breadcrumbs
  • Local search
  • Recreation solutions
  • Connected-car

Data Replication and Failover

Augment your current solution for load-balancing and maximized availability with an off-site cloud server

  • Data replication
  • Failover, redundancy

VoIP Infrastructure and Backhaul

Provide VoIP services to direct clients or augment an overlay network to reduce latency

  • VoIP->Last Mile connectivity
  • Infrastructure/Backhaul for an existing VoIP solution

Video Distribution and CDN Services

Leverage a multi-core/multi-homed VPS for effective data compression and distribution.

  • Multi-user video streaming services
  • General CDN services

Physical-to-Virtual (P->V) Conversion

Transfer existing server content, even the operating system itself, into a virtualized server environment. This can reduce monthly cost and increase overall reliability.

  • Virtualize most existing systems
  • May provide a further cost reduction through sub-virtualization within the VPS (32-bit client VM OS required)
  • Diversify! Allow our certified Solution Architects to create a multi-faceted cloud framework which leverages the best qualities of popular services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud

Compliant Storage Services

Provide a compliance-specific, network-accessible storage solution for your company or its clients, typically developed using regulatory guidelines (e.g. HIPAA). We have experience with such requirements and can fulfill compliant system development.

  • Access Rights Management
  • Encryption for Data-at-Rest and Streamed Data
  • Physical and Logical storage separation

Baseline VPS's
from Steele Cloud Server Hosting:

Feature/Class Value Scientific Premium
Target Usage Small Business, DaaS Research Enterprise Applications
CPU Cores 4 6 6
Memory 4GB 6GB 8GB
Storage 50GB 50GB 100GB
High-Speed Data (Monthly) 3TB 4TB 5TB
Rate $79/month $99/month $119/month
Academic Rate $48/month $68/month $88/month

Cloud Server and Service Enhancements by Weblopedia Cloud Solutions
(available through Steele Cloud Server Hosting):

Item Details Rate Academic Rate
Value Server
eLearning Edition
Features a Value VPS from Steele Cloud Server Hosting with fully operational Sakai 11 installation. This is a source-based installation, which means it is ready for use and allows custom system modifications by a Java-savvy developer, if desired. Please note: because of Sakai development requirements, we only offer this VPS with a CentOS 7.x (Linux) operating system (Windows Server 2012/2016 is not currently supported). $79/ month $48/ month
One-Time Setup
Weblopedia Cloud Solutions will setup your server, this one-time service includes: setup of local accounts and e-mail addresses, DNS, web server and website, access rights, and firewall rules. All information and data files must be provided by the customer in advance of the server configuration. $99
(one-time fee)
(one-time fee)
SysAdmin 'Lite'
Weblopedia Cloud Solutions will keep an eye on your server for a nominal, monthly fee. The service includes daily duties: add/remove users and mailboxes as requested, confirm uptime of all installed services, system restoration and report-out in the event of failed services, and log viewing for system error reporting. It also includes monthly application of system and services patches/updates. $99/ month $38/ month