About Weblopedia

Weblopedia is a cloud solutions provider, working with mainstream Windows and Linux platforms and a variety of middleware solutions to help small and medium-sized firms deliver quality services to their customers. Weblopedia.com was originally created in 1997 and has hosted a variety of different services over the years. For example, in 2001 it supported a community and cross-platform video conferencing application ('SquidCam'). In recent years, its duties were shifted to host various websites and eventually a cloud systems service (now known as Steele Cloud Server Hosting.

Beyond the Web

Our focus areas:

Delegated Microarchitecture: we architect and deploy a set of focused, service-based VPS's; this is an excellent way to deploy a scalable solution and upgrade new services with a simple VPS swap-out. We can provide architectural suggestions, installation, and original software development to fulfill these scalable requirements.
Convergence/Optimization: we will analyze an existing physical system and re-architect to one or more VPS's, with the goal of increasing performance or consolidating the solution into a more compact form with lower overhead.

Prof. Eric Faust, Principal/Owner

Professor Eric Faust started his career as a 3D game developer in the mid 1990's while working part-time in the industry as a web developer, ISP tech support representative, and network engineer. After the release of Kawasaki and Harley Davidson-branded games, he shifted to video conferencing and Location Based Systems solutions, and further grew his skillset as a full-time employee at Bloomberg LP (Senior Software Engineer, Financial Analytics), Microsoft Corporation (Software Engineer and Program Manager for embedded systems, Automotive Business Unit), Ford Motor Company (Product Manager, connected solutions for electric vehicles including the Focus Electric and Fusion Energi), and Lockheed Martin (network security solutions for the US armed forces).

Eric been a Professor of Computer Science since Fall 2014 and holds a M.Eng. in Space Engineering (Space Systems, Signal Processing/Remote Sensing) from the University of Michigan, and a M.Sc. in Computer Science (Distributed Systems, Bioinformatics).

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